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India Nail Fashion (Nails on the Ramp)

India Nail Fashion (Nail on the Ramp)

Claw launches a very innovative concept of Nails on the ramp on women's day (8th March 2016)

Reena and her team spent months to design the concept and shoot this with an international team of videographers, models, directors and editors.

Enjoy the launch of this new concept.

There are four themes which celebrate the power of being women.

as we celebrate this new season and the upcoming Spring. This is the theme in which we live in the blossom season of fragrances, colors, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and more!
2. Bling -
which defines the new trends in the nails and fashion industry. This is the theme in which we live the way we live in this bling world and show how alive we are with the passion.
3. Wedding
close to our heart and a key ritual in our Indian culture. This is the theme in which your nails are reflecting the values, the culture and the richness of the Indian marriage concept.
4. Clubbing -
the moment to let your hair down and celebrate. This is the theme which shows how your nails can blend into the party in the same way as you do.
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